Hardwood Floor Installation Coeur Dalene

Hardwood Floor Installation Coeur Dalene
For professional hardwood floor installation in Coeur D’Alene, call the experts from Floors on 4th. They offer flooring in a broad range of woods and finishes to allow you unbridled creativity in many choices- whether you’re seeking a warm, refined, traditional style or a cool, urban attitude. Trendy new random-width lines let you express yourself in the latest fashions.
If you’re thinking about hardwood floor installation in your Coeur D’Alene home, you’ll want to hire professionals with plenty of experience. That’s where Floors on 4th comes in. They’ll help you determine the right process of installation to meet your unique needs.
The installation process is determined by which type of flooring you choose. Regardless of the process, Floors on 4th will maximize on installation and get the job done smoothly. Some installation processes include:
- Nail down installation. Nails are used to fasten the wood to the sub floor with a nailer and mallet. 
- Staple down installation. Staples are used instead of nails to attach the floor to the sub floor. 
- Glue down installation. Engineered wood planks and parquets can be glued down directly onto the sub floor.
- Floating. Floating floors, otherwise known as click together floors, can be installed over a variety of surfaces. They are not attached to any subfloor, they simply float above it. 
As well as installation methods, there are a multitude of brands and types of floors to choose from at Floors on 4th. The task of choosing can be daunting! Floors on 4th is dedicated to helping you choose a floor that will fit your wants, needs and budget. Their hardwood floor installation experts in Coeur D’Alene work with many high quality manufacturers and their trained staff will help you select the best style and installation method for your home, including:
- Styles: hand scraped, distressed, parquet, wide plank, strip flooring, laminated flooring, formica, exotic, borders, custom patterns
- Wood types: Asian mahogany, Brazilian cherry, Taun, Acacia, Tiger wood, Brazilian walnut, Brazilian teak
- Modern: Cherry, Hickory, Walnut, Alder, Red pine
- Traditional: Oak, Maple, Birch, Ash
You’ll love working with the hardwood floor installation experts in Coeur D’Alene! They’re committed to your complete satisfaction with their services.
Floors on 4th also provides exceptional refinishing service to homeowners with existing hardwood flooring. Choose from the following finishes:
- Oil Based Finish: Oil based polyurethanes leave an amber glow and have a higher odor. They have a denser protective finish and generally cost less than water based finishes.
- Water Based Finish: Water based polyurethanes provide a clear finish and have low odor. They have a relatively fast dry time and can be recoated sooner. They generally cost more than oil based finishes.
- Finish with low VOC’s: Floors On 4th offers low VOC finishes as a more Green option. One brand in particular is Rubio Monopcoat. 
For professional hardwood floor installation, refinishing or repair in Coeur D'Alene, call Floors on 4th at 208-777-5071 and let the experts answer your questions and set up an appointment for you.
Hardwood Floor Installation Coeur Dalene
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